web-site main screen is a cloud based communication and management software designed by professionals for sport and art clubs, weekend schools, nurseries, kindergartens, daycare centres, weekend schools and other children facilities. helps to improve the partnership between parents and child care facilities. Information sharing and day-to-day experience support a consistent approach to children’s socialization, development and learning.

It is also a solid platform to store and manage the base data and documents of your facility and helps you with GDPR compliance.

Features of


Personal accounts

All users: parents, educators and administration have their personal secure accounts. Keep personal data the most safe and secure.

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Online enrolments

Parents do the work by filling the form and you only accept children to the group. All data is immediately stored in the system. No need to type or rewrite names and addresses. The automated e-mails are integrated into this function.

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Online payments

Let parents pay with credit card, Apple Pay or Google pay. Register all transactions directly to payment journal.

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You are connected to both: parents and educators. keeps the updated information of groups and allow to send announcement to one group or the entire club.

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Place reservations

This feature is available for enrolled  members when amount of places is limited. This allow your club to limit of amout of attendants. Annulations are automatic. 

feature of

Presence / Absence

Your staff can log absence or presence information and after generate beautiful and structured reports. In the same time, parents are able to communicate a child’s absence. Coaches in charge will immediately be informed.

We offer dedicated portals to 

admin portal


Structured data base of groups, parents, children and educators

Online enrolments 

Mass mailing service

Payment journal

Document storage

Reports etc.

Teacher portal


Access to assigned groups and personal data of children

Possibility to share posts and pictures

Mass mailing to assigned groups

Presence and absence logins

Working time registration

Reports etc.

parent portal



Pictures and posts

Children groups information

Online registrations

Absence notification


Contact information etc.

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