Learning center


Learning center

At our learning center, we provide expert guidance to help your employees acquire new skills and adapt to changes in your organisation. Our goal is to support your company's evolution, ensuring that you stay at the forefront of tomorrow's global leaders.

Teaching programmes

The teaching programmes cover numerous areas and are aimed at different target populations with different levels of education and positions. It offers general short-term training courses and specialised trainings.  

teaching programs

 Our methods

Lecture-based learning

This method follows a traditional classroom structure where an instructor delivers content through lectures. It includes a Q&A section, allowing participants to ask questions and seek clarification. Lecture-based learning is useful for presenting foundational knowledge and concepts in a structured manner.

Group or individual learning

This approach provides flexibility by offering both group and individual learning options. Group projects encourage collaboration and diverse perspectives, making it an exciting opportunity for participants to work together. 

On the other hand, individual lessons cater to personalized learning needs, allowing participants to focus on specific topics or skills.

Discussion and exercises

Facilitating discussions and exercises is a dynamic way to engage adult learners. It encourages active participation and application of knowledge. Discussions enable participants to share their insights and learn from each other, while exercises provide hands-on practice to reinforce learning outcomes.

Our courses

Course Business Ethics

Business ethics &  decision making


Course Business Ethics

Business ethics &  decision making


YPZEELON Learning Center is delighted to collaborate and is always open to new partnerships. 

If you would like to join our team or request an existing training, please feel free to contact us at: business@ypzeelon.com.